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Work with multiple employers to discover the career that's right for you


What you get

Deep self-awareness


Paid work experience


Career plans & job offers

easy application process

Just describe some memorable experiences from your life and we'll find you your dream job 

NO cover letters

Your passion and potential are the indicators of success, not your qualifications or employer brand names on a piece of paper

accelerated personal growth

Deep awareness about who you are and what you want puts you 10 years ahead of your peers on your journey to fulfilment and success

unrivalled workplace experience

Work with 4 different high-growth businesses in the first year of your career to rapidly build your skills and professional network

How it Works

Use your first year of employment to explore career options and discover your purpose

How it works

Discover your fulfilment sweet spot

Intelligent technology built on human psychology

Simply tell us some meaningful stories about your life and your WHYNESS AI companion will get to work to help you define your fulfilment sweet spot - the overlap between your core values, your natural strengths, and your unique purpose.

See yourself through the eyes of others

Supercharge your self-awareness with input from those who know you best

Sometimes our own internal biases can prevent us from recognising our potential. Invite trusted friends and colleagues to provide their perspectives to help you elevate your self-awareness and identify the qualities that define who you are at your best

Happy Friends Laughing
Green Buildings

Work with different employers

Validate your sweet spot and clarify the career that's right for you 

There's no match for real workplace experience. We shortlist placement opportunities aligned to your fulfilment sweet spot. You select which four to include in your one year programme.


As you rotate through each company, interact with your digital companion and our mentor network to iteratively refine your sweet spot and career plans

Start your dream job

Choose which role you want to continue full time

After a year of self-discovery and work experience, you are in the best position to make good career choices. Choose your favourite positions from the four placements you've completed. If the company thinks you're a good fit, you'll leave the programme with a guaranteed job and the confidence to unlock your potential at a company that shares your values

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Candidate Feedback


I knew this was speaking to me... It feels like you have gone into my soul...


Discover your Values, Strengths, and Purpose using our one-of-a-kind, science-based technology


Complete multiple paid placements with different employers, tailored to your values, strengths, and purpose


After completing 1 year on the WHYNESS programme, apply for full-time role(s) with your favourite employer(s)

Registrations for our 2022/23 programme are open

Our next cohort will begin in 2023. Join hundreds of others who have already registered their interest and begin your journey to a fulfilling and meaningful career today...

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