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Struggling to decide the career move that's best for you?...

WHYNESS is the help you've been looking for... 

I want to do something that has more impact

Good for you! We will help you figure out your deepest motivations and values to determine the careers and industries where you're most likely to find fulfillment


 I don't know what I want from a new job

We will help you identify your deepest motivations and assess your past experiences to clarify the criteria you should be using in your job search


I don't know what else I'd be good at

By helping you identify your natural strengths, we will unveil personalised career options where you can unlock your potential and love what you do


I moved from the world of corporate consulting to find more fulfilling work... Now I use what I've learned to help others to do the same.

Callum, WHYNESS Founder & Coach

How it Works

free consultation

We'll learn about your situation and discuss the options open to you to determine if we can help. If we can't, we will tell you. We're not here to mess you around

share your life stories 

You'll have a 2h call with a WHYNESS coach. We will learn about who you are by listening to you talk about meaningful experiences in your life so far

sweet spot analysis

We'll assess what you say and how you say it to identify your career fulfilment sweet spot - the overlap between your core values, your natural strengths, and your unique purpose.

reflect and find a job

You can ask follow up questions and discuss further coaching and job search support. We offer a full money back guarantee if you aren't delighted with our service

How it works


If you're not delighted with the outcomes of your Sweet Spot Analysis, get your £400 returned. No questions asked

Candidate Feedback


I knew this was speaking to me... It feels like you have gone into my soul...


Schedule your free consultation call with Callum now

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