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Finally, SME's can compete with corporate graduate programmes, without the overheads

Candidates aligned to your company values

WHYNESS AI taps into intrinsic human motivations, subconscious thought patterns and natural talents to shortlist candidates aligned to your company values and mission


Increased employee retention

Our unique 12 month programme allows you to evaluate the performance and cultural fit of candidates first hand before deciding who to hire full time


Access to a bigger talent pool

WHYNESS is more appealing to purpose-driven candidates than any corporate grad scheme. We do the student outreach so you don't have to

How it Works

Find the perfect entry-level employee without expensive talent outreach campaigns

Tell us about the company & role

We work with you to understand the job description for your open entry-level role(s), including your personnel requirements and preferences.

Our candidates want to work with high impact companies and purposeful brands, and so do we. We will assess your business based on the work you do and the way you treat your employees. We will identify your business values and culture so we can find the ideal candidates for your company.

How it works

Shortlist the ideal candidates

Don't waste hours sifting through hundred of CV's and applications. Our unique matching process finds the best candidates for the role, based on their personal values, natural strengths, and the impact they want to have through their work.


We only suggest candidates that align with your company values and are passionate about working for you, with the greatest potential to improve your business.


With the heavy lifting taken off your plate, you can focus on running your business 

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Schedule your programme

For each open role you have, we secure you 4 different high-caliber graduates. Over the course of 12 months, you will get to evaluate how each one performs in your business during back-to-back 3-month placements.

Each candidate will also work for 3 other employers to gain experience, accelerate their personal development, and get clarity on the best career path for them.  

Work with candidates

WHYNESS offers a unique opportunity to work with potential candidates before committing to employing them full-time, allowing you to assess their fit for your business.

As well as avoiding costly hiring mistakes, you will contribute to the personal and professional growth of the future workforce, while tapping into diverse, creative minds of the younger generation.

By turning candidates into workers, you can make excellent hiring choices without compromising the growth of your business.

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Seamless placement transitions 

With our best practice guidance and support for onboarding and upskilling graduates, you can seamlessly integrate your new teammate and ensure they add value from day one.


We take care of all the admin for you, so you can focus on making the most of your time together without getting bogged down in complex HR.

With continuous support through our app and mentor network, we provide candidates the help they need to maximise performance and wellbeing.

Hire your future leaders

After one year of the program, you have the opportunity to offer a full-time role to the graduate(s) with the perfect skills and cultural match, with the confidence that they’ll stick around for the long haul.


Candidates who have completed our multi-employer programme are guaranteed to have gained invaluable workplace experience in different professional environments, giving you exclusive access to entry-level talent with more competence and confidence than the rest of the market.


Registrations for our 2022/23 programme are open

Our next cohort will begin October 2023. Join other forward-thinking employers by registering your interest below...

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